Taking a Vacation to Houston Texas

If you are looking for a fun place to go on vacation, then consider Houston, Texas. There are numerous must-see attractions for the whole family in Texas, and Houston specifically has a lot to offer, including:

– The Houston Space Center
– The Children’s Museum
– The Reliant Astrodome

The Space Center is a huge attraction that many people take a couple of days to look around. Pick up a membership for priority boarding so that you can skip queues and see the most possible attractions during your stay.

The Children’s Museum has 14 child-friendy exhibits including several great scientific attractions that will teach your kids while they’re having fun.

There are numerous museums and historic attractions too. The Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum contains the only 13th century Byzantine Fresco in the whole of the western hemisphere. The fresco was smuggled out of Cyprus and lovingly restored in the United States. After restoration, Cyprus gave the fresco as a ‘long term loan’ to preserve it.

The Battleship TEXAS is another historic attraction that is open to the public. It is often referred to as the last dreadnought in the world. It served in the Vera Cruz and in both of the World Wars. The Battleship led the way in terms of many innovations in aviation, radar technology and gunnery.

Those who are fascinated by warfare should also remember the horrors of the war. The Holocaust Museum is a tribute to the thousands that died in World War II. The exhibits are incredibly moving and informative, and handle a difficult issue sensitively, showing people the events of the war through art, photographs and rare artifacts.

The Jung Center offers a different set of attractions, dedicated to Carl Jung and his innovations in psychology.

If you’re looking for something more relaxed and lightheardted, then pay a visit to the Beer Can House. This house was built in 1968 by John Milkovisch, and was decorated to create an impressive artistic masterpiece. The house features aluminum siding, as well as some elaborate sculptures. If that gets you in the mood for beers, then the good news is that there are several great brewery tours to choose from in Houston as well, whether you’re the Budweiser loving type, or someone who is more into home brews.

Houston has something for everyone – adults, kids and families. Outdoorsy types or artists. Why not pay a visit this summer?